I have only of each item in stock.
First come, first served.Thank you for understanding.
However these fashions are not OOAK's, I may make a few orders/commissions in October after my return from vacation. 
I'll be leaving for a two week vacation this weekend, all orders will be shipped on Friday/Saturday.

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please note: the fashions were made based on the Jamieshow MALE measurements

I also have some Safari items for 16"female fashion dolls.
Please check them out, a few items are still avail.!


JamieShow Sabina in a turquoise silk dress with leopard midriff insert and a lovely deep back neckline, that JamieShow Alejandro is obviously enjoying on this picture

beige shirt with leo accents
Alejandro wearing wig #2,Sabina wig #1 plain turquoise silk shirt
turquoise silk shirt with leo accents
wig #1
Alejandro wig #2
Sabina in Alejandro wig #1
Sabina in a long hair Alejandro wig (made to be worn as a male ponytail style) - Alejandro with wig #2
wig #1

'Matured'   wig

WIG-2, $55

Hardcap wig with curled lamb lock of different colors, combined to create a matured look, slightly gray temples 


dark brown faux suede pants

made from the most wonderful faux suede fabric, it has the look of the real thing, is super soft, slightly stretchy and it doesn't stain (had items on my Alejandro and on a Tonner doll for more than 4 weeks without any staining, so I think it is stain proof)
they feature working front pockets, belt loops, back yoke,back pockets,front snap closure
beige shorts

covering the knees, small cut (much smaller cut than the default shorts of  JS and Tonners shorts)
rolled up hems, belt loops, working front pockets, front snap closure
 medium brown denim shorts

turquoise silk shirt with leo accents at cuffs&collar inside

'hemp' macrame necklace with black seed beads and 'zebra' glass pendant

linen&leather laptop case with short&long handles
 medium brown denim shorts

short end just above the knees, small cut (much smaller cut than the default shorts of  JS and Tonners shorts)
beige contrast-topstitching, belt loops, working front pockets, front snap closure

back view of the brown suede pantsdetail of beige shorts

'plain' turquoise silk shirt, slightly looser fit than the other both offered shirts, but still ratter fitted due to darts in front & back

cuff detail of the plain turquoise silk shirt


Turquoise Silk with a touch of Leo
a lovely shade of grayish-turquoise mixed with turquoise-brown leopard print, both very fine genuine silk
The shirt closes with handmade loops&tiny handbent metal hook, tiny non working buttom are attached for an authentic look
darts in front and back for a slim silhouette

leo accented silk shirt
wig #2 (matured look)
leo accented silk shirt
wig #2
(matured look)
leo accented silk shirt
brown suede pants
wig #1 (juvenile look)

the shirt does not close higher than on this pic, if you want me to attahc more hooks&loops, just let me know, I liked the idea of an half-opened look, but maybe you have other intentions

beige cotton shirt with contrasting leo-print cotton at the underside of the collar and the front facings
rolled up hems,

-beige shirt with leo print accents
-brown suede pants
-wig #1 (juvenile wig)
-linen-leather-laptop case
-beige shirt with leo print accents
-beige shorts

knotted 'hemp'-macrame necklace with black beads and 'zebra' glass pendant

Okay, you are right, this is not a male doll
but Jamieshow Sabina just wanted to show you how versatile it is to have Some Alejandro wigs in the house!
Cause they fit with an silicone wigcap or some silicone eyeputty great on a girls head
(so far I have only tested Sybarite and Jamieshow dolls,not sure how they would fit Ficon and others!)

Jamieshow Sabina wearing Alejandro wig #1

Very first, raw idea of the loafer I will make for Alejandro..
.this was just to see how my pattern piece would fit around the foot

..did not start to wiork on the final version with exact stitching/sole,....this is just very first idea of the shape..but I think this might look better than the sandals and the shoes that JS offers

JamieShow Alejandro
all wigs are hardcap wigs by CollectibleChic,  I may be offering some wigs by the end of the year

Alejandro wigs:
dark brown, curly - classic haircut with a little bit longer hair on the top, darkest brown lamb locks
dark brown, matured - classic male haircut with a supernatural look: some grayish hair at the temples, I worked with the darkest brown and some dark brown/grayish lamb locks